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About Eco Retreat Bhitarkanika

Camping has always been a great way to get back to nature.

Now enjoy the thrill of camping adventure in the wilderness without compromising on comfort with five-star luxury amenities at Eco Retreat Odisha 2020. It offers accommodation in luxurious air-conditioned swiss tents including plush bedrooms, a living room, a patio, a modern bathroom, and other amenities to stay connected with the outside world.

A pristine blue water body at the centre and lush green surroundings around the tents make your stay truly delightful. It transforms you to an imaginary world almost instantly.

The cherry on the cake is the delectable meals prepared at the Glamping site. A wide range of cuisine including traditional dishes from Odisha surely pamper your taste buds.

Guided trekking and excursions keep you busy during the day, sumptuous meals, storytelling sessions under the star-filled sky make your sojourn at Eco Retreat Odisha 2020 truly memorable.

Royal Cottage

Spread across 676 sq. ft.

Royal Family Cottage

Spread across 676 sq. ft.

Premium Swiss Cottage

Spread across 480 sq.ft.


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Experience an adrenaline rush at Eco Retreat, bhitarkanika and extend your thrilling moments with water sports or just idly lying by the sea and sipping the joys of life.

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